What is this initiative about?

This initiative is about all investors getting real fiduciary advice.

Real advice is fiduciary advice that's competent, objective and affordable. Advice that's based on a relationship of trust and confidence. And is not incidental to the sale of a product.

This new website, No Incidental Investors, offers small investors in the Washington DC area assistance identifying local investment advisers.

These are advisers who work under a fiduciary standard at all times and serve investors that have specific needs or more modest means. These advisers do not sell products and have no investment asset or income minimums.

Just fill out a simple form and the names of at least two local advisers will be emailed. Advisers who only provide real fiduciary advice and stand ready to serve on a fee for service basis.

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What is a fi·du·ci·ar·y?

A fiduciary is a person who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with one or more other parties (person or group of persons). Typically, a fiduciary prudently takes care of money or other assets for another person. (Wikipedia)

My fiduciary advisor said “It’s always good to relive the good things in your life.”

​Are you ready to get real fiduciary advice?

Are you ready to find a real fiduciary adviser in the Washington DC area who serves small investors?

Fill out and submit an inquiry form. We will reply to your request with two Washington area advisors within two business days.

​These are featured advisers in the Washington D.C. Area who stand ready to serve small investors.

DiDi Dorset, Safe Harbor Financial Advisors
DiDi Dorsett, Occoquan, VA
Safe Harbor Financial Advisors
Financial guidance for an hourly or project fee is what we do. No product sales, account or net worth minimums. Just fiduciary advice for anyone. It’s all we do.
Charlie Ryan, Atlantic Financial Planning
Charlie Ryan, Annapolis, MD
Atlantic Financial Planning
It’s a secret on Wall Street that small investors can afford real fiduciary advice on an hourly basis. This is how I work and my clients love it.
Wan McCormick, Reliable Alliance Financial
Wan McCormick, Fairfax, VA
Reliable Alliance Financial
As a real fiduciary, fee-only adviser, I get no commissions and have no minimums. My only “minimum” is to help my clients obtain and maintain their financial freedom.
Ben Brown, CFP®, EA
Ben Brown, Bethesda, MD
I believe that everyone deserves access to honest, high quality and objective financial advice, with a flexible and transparent fee structure and no account minimums.

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